PHOENIX TILE is a world-class manufacturer and distributor of porcelain and ceramic, offering contemporary range of Tiles, Sanitary ware and Tableware collections. 

PHOENIX TILE is a member of three large-scale manufacturing factories with production capabilities of over 129 million sqft ceramic tiles, 8 million porcelain tiles and 1.45 million sanitary ware pieces each year, which positions the Company as one of the largest of its kind in the world. 

PHOENIX TILE collections are made by industry professionals for industry professionals, encompassing creativity, functionality, durability, and timelessness.

We also manufacture a wide array of European designed series of both ivory and pure white porcelain Tableware. Our tableware plants are equipped with the latest German and Italian machinery and import European raw materials.

Always leading while learning; always integrating the best approaches in technology, communication and management; always partnering with artists, technicians, entrepreneurs, forward-thinking individuals and companies of various backgrounds to provide our customers with newest and highest quality products.


PHOENIX TILE strives to bring superior quality products to maintain high standards and to give excellent service to our clients.

Our goal is to become the most recognized and valuable domestic brand for Tiles, Porcelain, and Ceramics in the United States commercial and residential markets.
To have highly committed, motivated, loyal and trained market experts:

We produce high quality fine porcelain tableware, tiles and sanitary ware which caters to the specific needs of the real estate and hospitality industry through advanced production techniques, our unique porcelain composition, and world wide network of distribution channels.


PHOENIX TILE vision is to produce high quality Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles and Sanitary wares to be sold in United States and the International markets.

We aim to establish ourselves among the leading deluxe white and ivory porcelain tableware brands in the Food and Beverage industry, through our stylish, durable, functional and creative range of collections.

Corporate Values

The corporate values governing PHOENIX TILE continue to be the same principles present at its inception and groundbreaking. Commitment to core values of integrity, fair business practices and ethical treatment of employees, customers and industry partners remain a top priority. PHOENIX TILE recognizes that our customers are primary business partners, we strive to achieve unparalleled customer satisfaction by supplying a broad range of quality products, delivered in a timely manner, with exemplary service at all levels. Recognizing that our products come from mother earth, we continually practice environmentally-friendly principles of replace, reuse, recycle.
Our constant attention to the ever-changing tile market brings proactive responses to each customer’s needs while strong alliances within the PHOENIX TILE  facilitate cost containment efficiencies that benefit customers in supply and transportation channels.